You Were Never Going To Like Me As A Person Anyway

I’ve changed, for the better, at least that’s what people say. Truth is that I’ve conformed, which is disheartening for me to say. I’ve toned down, detached myself from my outgoing personality, all through fear and the pressure of being disdained. But in the end, was my compromises even worth it? 

I’ve completely accepted that this team will never be where I can find solace in, but it still hurts to know that the place where I come from, a place that I used to love, is led by those of judgemental hands and selective eyes. 

I realised now, a little too late, that no matter how hard I try to please you or any others of your kind, it will never work. 

For you can never change the minds of those who were never willing to give you a chance to in the first place.